Long Live the Industrial Look

Shipping Envelope - Packing List EnclosedStainless steel is so last week. Or is it?

They say the grunge look is dead but hipsters everywhere are discovering unique accents for the home can still be sourced from unusual places. Vendors like Global Industrial offer thousands of products intended for the warehouses and offices of the world. But tons of these items also look great in your modern home. Add a pop of industrial! Continue reading

Grandpa Got an Aeron Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron office chair has become a fixture in the modern workspace. It’s breakthrough design, comfortable mesh and stout build quality have made it an American icon.

But did you know this icon originated from an idea for geriatric furniture?

The Untold History of How the Aeron Chair Came to Be 

Aeron Chair

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Steam Punk Espresso Maker

Looking for the ultimate espresso maker?

Speedster-Espresso-MakerHere’s a behemoth called the Speedster by Kees van der Westen. The chrome-plated beauty is a gearhead’s dream– complicated, aerodynamic, an homage to the complexity of modern life. Um… well, maybe. It’s essentially the antithesis of the simple Presso coffee maker we featured back in October.

This steam punk machine will set you back just under $8,000. But it includes a free T-shirt.

Maybe you’d prefer a more modest espresso maker?